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Dec 10, 2019

Matt & Brendan will confront you in the parking lot of Tony's Finer Foods, no matter the cost. Matt is beginning to feel a bit like Christmas and anticipates a stocking full of reindeer poop. Plans are pretty much finalized for the 2019 M&B Xmas Party.

Dec 4, 2019

Matty and Brendo are ready to deliver a brand new podcast into your hearts! Matt's been following comfort dogs while Brendan is embroiled in a cleaner's triangle. M&B have a few clarifying questions to ask's a fiver for your trouble.

Oct 13, 2019

Brendan thinks he saw an obscure superhero at Oktoberfest. Which is funny, because Matt took Jackson to the comic book store for the first time, where he chose an edition starring well-known web slinger Spider-Man. Matt preps for the ER w/ Brendan’s help. 

Sep 4, 2019

Matt & Brendan opted for the physical challenge during the annual M&B Lock-In After-Draft Party at Banner Collective, with help from buddy JV. Brendo went blue early & Matty channeled Air Jordan. Plus: the births of Rowan Dahl & a new M&B business venture.

BAM Productions - Helping you throw the best parties in town. ...

Aug 7, 2019

Matt & Brendan anxiously await a 4th bundle of joy. Would Matt leave a fire to attend the birth? Doc Rhubarb unintentionally insulted a Grundy County Speedway fan's intelligence when referring to a Logic video. Mad Dawg is really digging his Adidas slides

Jackson wasn't a big fan of Toy Story 4, which Matt didn't...