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Aug 29, 2012

Matt and Brendan have glorious yet hazy memories of an epic party at the Wicker Park office of Mr. Skin ( They both remember reveling in the atmosphere as a DJ spun underneath a video masterpiece of Matt’s design…but the evening was just a

Aug 22, 2012

Matt and Brendan negotiate their way through plenty of adult situations this week. They might not be expert hagglers. In fact, they might guide you in the completely wrong direction…sometimes willfully. But take notes if you yearn to learn how to doubt

Aug 15, 2012

Today Matt and Brendan are all about partying balls out. Whether you’re trying to go solo on that keg to maintain your party rep or sandwich grinding on the dance floor, there’s no room for slouches. You’ll hear about emcee envy, Beer Pong domination,

Aug 8, 2012

Today’s show is all about finding the good in people. Matt and Brendan discover that sometimes it’s better to be shallow and ignore someone’s less desirable traits. Have an assorted group of neighbors that waste your time? No sweat…as long as they let

Aug 1, 2012

The title of today’s Matt & Brendan episode was ripped right from an Enrique Iglesias song…but maybe that’s because no one says it quite like Enrique. Matt and Brendan hammer home the notion that heroes come in many shapes and forms. Whether it’s a a