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Jan 30, 2013

Matt is amazed with Brendan’s precision arrival time. Actually, perhaps “amazed” isn’t the most accurate term. Brendan seems adept at shadowing Matt’s homecoming at a rate that’s too close for comfort. M&B are shaken by the loss of an ingredient in a

Jan 23, 2013

Matt & Brendan are afflicted. Both are suffering from stomach ailments, although they’re believed to be from separate strains. As they struggle to survive in the post-norovirus society, they gather information on available nutrients and treatments. be

Jan 16, 2013

Life is a rodeo for Matt and Brendan. They hit up the Professional Bull Riders event at the Allstate Arena over the weekend. There was dirt flying, seat dancing and beer drinking aplenty. Matt was worried that he showed an ugly side of himself, but up

Jan 9, 2013

Tap into Matt & Brendan’s latest podcast as they de-stress after the busy season. It’s not only the holiday fuss, home projects can also cause tension. They’ll utilize a number of techniques, including: roto-rooting, foot stomping, leather modeling, a