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Sep 25, 2013

On this week's episode of MBTV's "Awkward": A sandwich order could turn into true love, with extra meat. Also, overstaying your welcome and keeping your host awake. Matty and Brendo get all sorts of awkward.

Sep 18, 2013

Mad Dawg and Doc Rhubarb on the scene? You know it, Cap’n. Dip your chip into some of their chunky weekend full of action in Old Town. What’s in store for the guys? Nothing of convenience, that’s for sure. But plenty of fun.

Sep 11, 2013

Welcome to Trading Spaces with Matt and Brendan. Matty and Brendo take your space and slightly alter it with quick, yet intuitive, moves. Afterwards, they’ll cool down with a refreshing summer treat. Then they allow themselves to be sought out via a

Sep 4, 2013

The Beastie Boys taught the world to fight for their right to party. Taking it even further, Matt & Brendan are taking up the cause of the party itself. We learn that every hurrah could be your last hurrah and act quickly before sun-drenched day puts