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Nov 27, 2013

Don't rage out if you missed Fireball Fest II. Your consolation prize is hearing Matt and Brendan's full recap. Walk a mile in their shoes and meet all sorts of interesting folks. They swear it'll feel good. Perhaps a little rough, but good.

Nov 20, 2013

Matt and Brendan try and figure out exactly what level they're on as pals. Is it a gaseous, a liquid or a solid? Also, good times were had by all when Matt's band played House of Blues Friday. But where was Matty's adoring public when he finally got

Nov 13, 2013

As knights of the podcast table, Matt and Brendan are sworn to complete their respective quests. When a notion becomes embedded in one's mind, nothing short of accomplishment will suffice. Be it a perfect pass or a tender touch, M&B will

Nov 6, 2013

Matt and Brendan try and get inside the female mind on today's show through the use of virtual dating. What's it like to experience romantic overtures aimed in your direction by the mysterious Doc Rhubarb? Mad Dawg quantum leaps into the