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Dec 15, 2015

Generational gaps and chaise lounging are part of this week’s Matt & Brendan podcast. Squat on the floor at a party to avoid the super wasted dude until he gets thrown in an Uber. Test prep with study buddies M Dawg & Rhubarb

Dec 8, 2015

Do you see the light? Matt & Brendan do. Brendan returns to his old high school for the first time since graduation and rediscovers the love of the broadcasting game. A lion roars at Matt & gives him perspective on fear. Also: sexy party favors.

Dec 2, 2015

That’s not Jeezy The Snowman patrolling Matt’s backyard. If Matt had named his first snow creation, it’d probably be “Melty”. M&B both find empty bars on Blackout Wednesday, but save the day with musical heroics, inspired drink orders & found food.