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Mar 29, 2016

Score one for the little guy as Matt & Brendan post victories against big businesses like Apple, Comcast & Jimmy John’s. The Jonas Brothers spring up in surprising, yet separate, new places. A Korean specialty may keep M&B thinking of one another

Mar 22, 2016

Matt & Brendan examine all the sad & mysterious internet happenings and experience feelings of empathy plus fear. A pal tricks Matt into watching a scary movie. Brendan sees an SNL character twin at a bar.

Mar 15, 2016

Matt and Brendan dabble in whiskey & politics, strawberry & blueberry, plastic & cardboard, brownouts & blackouts and doodles & whatchamacallits. Ride along with M&B and make podcasting great again.

Mar 8, 2016

Matt & Brendan accept delivery on a fully serviced show. Sometimes it’s worth spending on convenience. 2 major MMA upsets rock the sports world as, even in defeat, Holly Holm earns Matt’s esteem. Matt’s neighbors try to get rid of weird ass junk.

Mar 1, 2016

On waking, M&B found themselves face first on the bar whence they had first seen the heart, a hand to hold onto. Brendan rubbed Matt’s nape, it was a groggy morning. The owls were avoiding apples. Surely, Matt thought, I haven’t slept all night.